The Pegasus Family & Robert Franz

Oliver Kyr

Kay Metzroth & Emmanuel Itier

JIP Filmproduktion und Verleih

Mona Mur & En Esch
Alex Ciaudano

Jürgen Schulz

Bella Krieger (as the voice of the animals)

Peggy Rockteschel



The Pegasus family are storyteller Oliver Kyr and ethical food artist Tatjana Kühr.

Since 2015, with our daughter (4) and two Chihuahuas, we live in a camper to support humanitarian, ecological and animal protection projects on this planet.

We make ‘change’ experiencable. Because change has to be seen, heard, touched and even tasted and smelled.
Otherwise it does not take place.

With our project ‘Children’s Cosmos’ we travelled through Europe to interview children and teenagers about their fears, wishes and dreams.
Project’s website:

Our film trilogy “One planet. One family.” aims to open people’s minds for the fact that world peace cannot be accomplished if we do not accept all life as equal to us.
Episode 1, CITIZEN ANIMAL, will be celebrating its premiere in April 2018.
Episode 2, ROOT REPUBLIC, is in preparation right now.

The Pegasus family is very proud on its international friends, like  Jane Goodall Institut, Sea Shepherd, Global Animal Law, OceanCare, Global Arts Studio Korinthos, PETA, Rotary Club of World Peace, Wayseer, Wonderland Entertainment, and many more.

Oliver’s website:
Tatjana’s website:
the Pegasus Familiy:



Nature and love for his fellow human beings – this is the source of Robert Franz’ energy. His message being: natural remedy and plants can change people’s lives for the better by their natural healing powers.
The power of positive thinking, natural remedy and natural food are the main pillars of his philosophy.
Robert was born in May 1960 in Temeschburg, Romania. Already in his childhood, in the wild & untouched nature of Romania, he discovered his love for a healthy life, powered by nature.

Numerous boundary experiences made the ‚curly & barefoot’ readhead a natural power full of positive energy – including a rich treasure of experience with natural remedy.
His most important goal: Contributing for the good of his fellow human beings.

Robert also rescues farm and domestic animals. They live in freedom and safety on his ranch in Austria.




Kay Metzroth’s foundation Life for Nature ( supports local projects (sanctuariess, animal shelters, …) as well as international projects of several organizations. neben regionalen Projekten (wie z.B. Auffangstationen, Tierheime und Gnadenhöfe) bis hin zu weltweiten Projekten verschiedenster Organisationen und deren Projekten.

E.g. Dog Care, who fight for the rights of stray dogs in Sri Lanka.
„Life for Nature“ also supports sustainability in countries that are home to important forest resources.
Own projects are scheduled, like the planning of a shelter for wild animals in Trebur and the creation of a nature reserve in Africa.

„Life for Nature“ aims at giving voice to animal and nature protection and also tries to help right activists to implement laws against animal misuse.

Also, a network is planned, to more effectively synchronize foundtions and NGOs.
Kay Metzroth: „We want to fight for the same vision, not against each other.“


 Emmanuel Itier is a very experienced film producer and shot many films before his 2012 peace documentary „The Invocation“ (Narrator: Sharon Stone, speakers: Desmond Tutu, HH The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, a.o.).
2013 Emmanuel Itier Executive-produced Hong Kong-drama „Red Passage“ which was awarded at many film festivals.
Also, for 25 years, he is successful music and film journalist für Rock’n’Roll journals, French TV and online.

He also acts as official buyer for numerous french and american distributors.

He was member of the Jury of Santa Barbara film festival, writes poetry and is member of the Board of the „Darfur Women Action Group“.