„Do animals have Civil Rights?“
An unusual and provoking question.

We, the Pegasus family, have travelled more than 12.000 kilometers throughout Europe to give voice to the animals of this world.

The animals ask; animal activists, lawyers, vegan chefs, sanctuary founders and business professionals had to answer.

Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel (Global Animal Law), Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd), Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Edmund Haferbeck (PETA), Christa Blanke (Animals‘ Angels), Garret John LoPorto (Civil Rights activist) and many more can be heard and seen in our film.


Our filming started in the small Spanish village Trigueros del Valle where, in July 2015, mayor Pedro Perez Espinosa decided to grant Civil Rights to the animals of his village.


Deciding to do this quest deliberately in a naive way, we were trying to find answers for the questions of the animals. We ourselves are learning, a development that takes the audience into the journey. Instead of just indoctrinating.

Our own thoughts on animals’ rights are the golden thread and thus connect the off speakers and the animals.

In Graz (Southern Austria) we even met two free-learning families, whose children surprised us with their own approach towards the rights of the animals.